Dismal theology tweet for the day

Pastor Tullian prepares for the big solstice blowout by reminding one and all that they are no damn good. Unhappily, when you look at the re-tweets count, it becomes blinking-neon obvious that his cult of self-abasement is going to be around for a while.

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Dismal theology quote for the day

I see biblical teaching on election as asymmetrical; that is, I affirm election to salvation, but see condemnation as attributed to human rejection of God. I illustrate this by seeing all of humanity as willfully choosing rebellion, loving darkness and running and hiding from God. In grace, he reaches out and restrains some. He is thus the cause of the salvation of the saved, yet not the cause of the condemnation of the lost.

John Hammett, SEBTS

That’s probably the best face that can be put on it if you accept predestination, but makes unconditional election rather like indiscriminately scooping-up (death-deserving) lemmings before they tumble over the cliff.


  • Original Sin is a fiction. No Adam and Eve –> No Fall –> No Original Sin –> No ‘salvation’ required.

  • The Creator of the Whole Big Universe is not obliged to torture anybody for eternity; no chain of rationalizations changes that.

Another theology fail; it is not an intellectually serious enterprise.

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Disclosure: Years ago — like, a decade — John Hammett and I were part of the same carpool.

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“Up in the pulpit, a solemn pause …”

One of Tom Rich’s readers reworks a Christmas standard in order to help Baptist people remember their moral duty to fork over 10% to the Holy Man, lest Our Heavenly Father Who Loves Us torture them for eternity.

Up in the pulpit, a solemn pause…
“TITHE!” shouts Good Old Pastor Laws,
In the assembly the people sigh,
A Capital Project is surely nigh.

I’m no theologian, of course, but … I dunno; doesn’t seem to have that ol’ submissive spirit.

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The Will to Power

Book Two: A Criticism of the Highest Values That Have Prevailed Hitherto
I: Criticism of Religion

§161   The Kingdom of Heaven is a state of the heart (of children it is written, “for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”): it has nothing to do with super-terrestrial things. The Kingdom of God “cometh”, not chronologically or historically, not on a certain day in the calendar; it is not something which one day appears and was not previously there; it is a “change of feeling in the individual”, it is something which may come at any time and which may be absent at any time –

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In defense of slavery

Bart Barber has published a 2-part defense of slavery — to Jesus, and as metaphor — here and here.

I think sometimes we who have the job of explaining the teachings of Christ may do our jobs better than we ought. If you have made the gospel make perfect sense, then you have made it something other than what Jesus purported that it was. To lose your life for Christ’s sake is to find it. The path to exaltation is to humble yourself. The way to defeat your attacker is to forgive him. The way to inherit the whole world is to be meek. Christians embrace slavery because to be enslaved to righteousness is to be free and to become enslaved to the most people is to gain rank above them in the Kingdom.

Et cetera, et cetera.

I point to these pieces not because there is anything useful to learn from them, but as good examples of the total self-abnegation that the SBC’s death-wish theology leads to. Fully realized, these teachings make dumb farm animals of men.

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