Dismal theology tweet for the day

More uplift from Pastor Tullian.

Honestly: I marvel that anybody, anywhere, pays any attention at all to these dreary characters.

There is, however, an interesting angle to this business of ‘brokenness.’ Tchividjian seems to think ‘brokenness’ is our natural-born state; Southern Baptists teach that it’s a goal, something to be achieved, e.g., “Break me of my self-interest and self-direction; make me putty, a dumb farm animal that does as You command.” Of those two perspectives, Tchividjian’s is surely the better. After all, if ‘brokenness’ is a good, something to strive for, then that is what you want for your friends and family, too — it sanctions frustrating their ambitions and conniving against them; it makes acceptable the envy and malice of underachievers against their betters.

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The Will to Power

Book Two: A Criticism of the Highest Values That Have Prevailed Hitherto
I: Criticism of Religion

§199   Nothing is less innocent than the New Testament, The soil from which it sprang is known. These people, possessed of an inflexible will to assert themselves and who, once they had lost all natural hold on life and had long existed without any right to existence, still knew how to prevail by means of hypotheses which were as unnatural as they were imaginary (calling themselves the chosen people, the community of saints, the people of the promised land and the “Church”): these people made use of their pia fraus with such skill and with such “clean consciences”, that one cannot be too cautious when they preach morality. When Jews step forward as the personification of innocence, the danger must be great. While reading the New Testament a man should have his small fund of intelligence, mistrust and wickedness constantly at hand.

People of the lowest origin, partly mob, outcasts not only from good society, but also from respectable society; grown away from the atmosphere of culture and free from discipline; ignorant, without even a suspicion of the fact that conscience can also rule in spiritual matters; in a word the Jews: an instinctively crafty people, able to create an advantage, a means of seduction out of every conceivable hypothesis of superstition, even out of ignorance itself.

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Tweet for the day

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All roads lead to Dewey, ctd

Though the philosophical movement known as pragmatism often gets a bad rap from the hyper-ideological culture warriors of the evangelical right because it focuses on outcomes rather than how things ought to be according to summarily-declared premises — the Ten Commandments, say — the fractious dead-end of graven-in-stone ideology is encouraging a second look at America’s home-grown philosophy.

Congress is now more ideologically polarized than any time in our country’s history. Democrats can accurately point out that Republicans are more ideologically rigid than they are, but only by 2.5 percent.

This can change, but only if we have leaders who can embrace that great American invention, pragmatism. Pick any policy debate we’re stuck on — education, taxation, national security — and you’ll see both sides guided by their principles. They repeat beliefs founded in ideologies instead of proposing solutions grounded in evidence. No wonder nothing happens.

The first side to embrace pragmatism will find a willing and grateful public. All Congress has to lose is their record-low approval ratings.

The Pragmatists, chiefly John Dewey and Josiah Royce, were the “guys behind the curtain” as the Progressive Movement took hold and laid the foundations of the middle-class, and it was John Dewey whose educational reforms educated that middle class and created the greatest engine of prosperity in the history of the world.

It is possible to earn a degree in engineering or the hard sciences without ever hearing the word ‘pragmatism,’ but all engineers and scientists are trained by default to the pragmatic habit of thought: The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

John Dewey died in 1952, almost 65-years ago, but he is still spoken of by the Loony Right in the same way they speak of Barack Obama.

Whether leftists like the idea or not, the United States of America was conceived as a Christian nation. Not a Catholic one, not a Muslim one, not a Jewish one and not a secular one, but a Christian nation built solidly on the Christian ethos. Every state initially formed with a particular flavor of Protestantism as a state sanctioned religion and our entire culture was fueled by the twin influences of Christian philosophy and the Scottish Enlightenment.

[ … ]

The efforts to destroy the bedrock principles upon which the nation was built began under the destroyer of our education system, John Dewey, who, along with famed “History” professor Charles Beard, worked to tear down America’s founding principles and replace them with socialist-inspired anti-American ideals …

I think a strong dose of pragmatism is exactly what the country needs.

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Gone, but not forgotten

Raised from infancy to believe that Warren Jeffs is a prophet, Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints still allow their now-imprisoned leader to direct their lives.

While he was the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), Jeffs’ power in the Hildale and Colorado City area was undeniable, but now five years after his conviction, his presence in the sister cities is still felt.

[ … ]

Despite the changes, McCombs points out that the number of people in Jeffs’ sect still outnumber those outside it and the church leadership is still getting instructions from Jeffs.

“I’m not sure what orders he’s giving and no one outside the sect really knows,” McCombs said.

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